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Looking for bicycle touring information and inspiration? Then download the following eBooks:

Bicycling Around The World

Bicycling around the world photo book



The photo eBook ‘Bicycling Around The World’ follows photographer Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson’s multi-year cycle journey around the globe in search of inspiring bicycle culture and touring images.


 Bike Touring Basics

Bicycle Touring Basics eBook



Bike Touring basics is an 86 page free eBook that will guide you in buying a bicycle, choosing gear and help you plan your first bike tour.


Little Red Cyclist




The images in this photo eBook from Paul Jeurissen show what it feels like to be a small and humble cyclist pedaling through the enormous, overpowering landscapes of the world.


Food For Remote Areas Of Argentina and Chile

Food for remote areas of Argentina and Chile



Food for remote areas of Argentina and Chile  gives tips on what food to pack for long trips in the wilderness.


Bicycle Touring Photography – A quick guide to taking better pictures

bicycle touring photo tip guide



This eBook from photographer Paul Jeurissen is full of inspirational tips that will aid you in shooting better cycling images.


Burma by Bike: a short guide to bicycle touring in Myanmar

Myanmar by bike



Burma by bike from world cyclist Amaya Williams contains 54 pages full of photos, information and tips on cycling through this unique country.