Bicycle Touring Photography – eBook

Bicycle Touring photography guide

Bicycle Touring Photography – A quick guide to taking better pictures

Have you ever returned home from a bicycle trip with memories of pedalling through fantastic landscapes and colourful cultures only to find out that the photos you want to share with your friends are flat and boring?

It’s a common problem, but now photographer Paul Jeurissen has published this guide to help you improve your images.

The first part of this eBook covers basic ideas and tips on how to improve your cycling pictures, plus provides links to a number of other inspirational photographers. Since you’ll want to photograph more than just your bike, it also recommends various travel, landscape and portrait photo tip websites.

The second section contains information on submitting images to magazines and companies – including some basic how-to’s, pitfalls to watch out for and information on getting your images published.


High and low res photos for reviews can be found here