News January 2015

The theme of the eighth issue is once again photography since it contains numerous ‘Images from the road’ and an interview with world cyclist Amaya Williams on how she put together her first photo book.


News June 2014

The seventh issue features an interview with professional photographer Peter Jordan. Peter carried a compact camera during his cycle tour through France and he explains how he shot good selfies and other interesting scenes during the trip.


News December 2013

Camping inspiration – that’s what the sixth issue is full of!  Of course it also contains great adventure stories and pictures from around the globe. So go ahead and download it for some great winter reading.


News June 2013

If you love cycle touring photos, than this issue is for you! We’ve published an inspiring selection of pictures from the Bike Touring Survival Guide book cover photo contest and even more “Images from the road”.

We are also pleased to welcome graphic designer Michael Tran’s comic strip to the magazine. His humorous and entertaining book “Ups and Downs” combines illustrations, photos and text to tell the visual story of cycling from Paris to Munich.


News November 2012

What are you waiting for? Download the fourth issue now to read great stories from Mike Boles, Cass Gilbert, Amaya Williams and Edward Genochio.

For even more reading pleasure check out the new Books by contributors section!


News  May 2012

The third is now online with contributions from Adam Coppola, Tom Allen and Jo Charnock.

You can also download the free Bicycle Traveler packing list spreadsheet from Jim van den Berg to discover just how much weight you carry.


News January 2012

January brings a new year, a free Show-It! e-book and the second edition of Bicycle Traveler magazine with stories ranging from leaving tropical Bangkok to cycling around Iceland’sVatnajökull glacier. So if you’re not on the road, we hope this issue will inspire you to get back on it!


News Oktober 2011

Thanks to everyone who shared and promoted Bicycle Traveler magazine.  So far there have been more than 11,000 downloads, a number of positive reviews:

and the response from the readers has been great!

We are now hard at work on the second issue which will come out in January.


News September 2011

First edition of Bicycle Traveler magazine!

Finally, from a Nepalese hotel room we have been able to upload the first edition of Bicycle Traveler magazine. It’s come a long way since we started putting it together in Thailand a half year ago.

Many of the contributors are also on the road in all parts of the world yet via facebook and e-mail we are able to make contact. Some of them even turned out to be personal friends of each other and that fact really pointed out to me how international the bicycle touring community has become.

Friedel, Peter, Tom and the rest of the contributors, thanks for your help and encouragement!