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Bicycle Traveler is a free international magazine devoted to bicycle touring. Packed with stunning photography and entertaining stories, it will make you want to grab your bike and hit the road.

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In the 11th edition:

Technical issue
Michael van Vliet asks: “suppose something had to go wrong with either your bike or your body, which would you choose?”

Changing gears
Greg Foyster pedals up Australia in search of simplicity.

Photo story
Juan Sisto’s camping images from his trip through the Americas.

Equipment information and more…


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October 2016

In the 11th issue we are introducing a new series, ‘Ready to Roll’ wherein riders explain their travel style and corresponding equipment choices. The idea behind this is to highlight the wide gamut of gear-setups for cyclists.


The magazine

Bicycle Traveler was launched in 2011. We aimed to create a magazine that showcases bicycle travel and delves into why people dream of undertaking round-the-world tours.

BT’s carefully curated collection of articles and photographs are gathered from a diverse group of cycling enthusiasts worldwide. With the recent boom in bicycle touring, our magazine base has grown to over 20,000 dedicated subscribers.

As BT begins its 6th year, we are more passionate than ever about publishing high quality content that resonates with our adventure-minded readers and illustrates the wonderful world of two-wheeled travel.

In addition Bicycle Traveler also features interviews plus information on the newest gear and rider setups.

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The people behind it

Grace Johnson is the founding editor and designer of Bicycle Traveler magazine. Photographer Paul Jeurissen runs the website and his cycle touring and bicycle culture images regularly appear in the publication.

They met on the Trans America bicycle trail in 1981 and since then have taken numerous bike trips, totaling more than 9 years over 5 continents. You can follow their two wheeled travels at